Donnerstag, 7. November 2019

10 YEARS! #2136

On this day ten years ago I started 'Mushroom of the Day'! What began as an experiment on how to do a mushroom related picture every day turned into a huge system, a mycelium in itself.
Now - a decade later - I have done more than 2100 paintings, drawings and objects, there have been numerous exhibitions all over Germany and Europe and I still do like working on it nearly every day. Thank you all for supporting me and my work through the years! Without your warm encouragement I would not come that far! Let's walk together another ten years! Cheers, Heiko

You can support my work by collecting original artworks, getting a mushroom t-shirt at my spreadshirt-shop or your own mushroom print at my redbubble site.

gold-acrylic paint and pencil on black paper, h 40 x w 30 cm, 2019


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