Samstag, 21. November 2020

Special Offer!


Hi everybody!
The second lockdown in Germany keeps most museums, galleries and off-spaces shut, cultural life stands still.
The only chance right now to show my drawings is on the internet. Without exhibition plans ahead I – and so many other artists – have nearly no chance to sell any artwork at all. So, let’s try it here with a special offer. Each of the original drawings below is offered for 100,00 Euro / 120.00 USD with free national & international shipping.
I will donate 20,00 Euro of every selling to ‘medico international’, a socio-medical aid and human rights organisation working for over 50 years for the right to the best possible access to health, very important in times of a global pandemic. I will document the donation afterwards here on my account.
Have a look at the selection; if you decide to purchase one please contact me; mail to scoop-tv(at) (international payment via Paypal)
These are all original artworks no prints etc.! First come, first served!
With your purchase you will help me, help people in need of medical aid and you will get a decent piece of art!
Thank you and best wishes, Heiko

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