Samstag, 10. August 2019

STARTING RIGHT NOW! Berlin's Bilderberg Konferenz V !!!

Reichenbergerstr. 114, 2.HH, KREUZBERG


WOW! For the 5th year in a row Bilderberg Konferenz invites you to join us celebrate the Berlln underground comix scene.

Bilderberg is organized by a bunch of cartoonists who all share a love for this ninth art form called comic strips. Therefore this festival is mostly dedicated to comic books & -zines. You will probably not find overexpensive Star Wars/Trek-merch on our tables. But what you will find is real cool stuff like campy comix, strange zines, punky posters/prints and bizarre buttons etc. And probably beer. And maybe something to eat.

There will also be plenty of fucked-up music, freaky films and mind-expanding talks.

Also, as every year, there will be a very special event publication only available for our dear BK attendees/visitors. This one is a super high-brow adaption of a classic work of German literature, if you can believe it!

The work in question is HANSWURSTS HOCHZEIT by good ol' Goethe himself!

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